The Power of Diverse Minds

Fantastic article in Scientific American this month (October 2013):

How to Exploit the Power of Diverse Minds 

(In the magazine it’s titled ‘Crossroads of Invention’.)

Among other things, it points out that the conventional paradigm of  R&D by big corporations taking a technology from its infancy to market is failing. And venture capitalists and other big private funding sources are not picking up the slack. A new model is taking its place: innovation is becoming distributed between diverse individuals and groups and new research collaborations of industry, academia, and government are forming. Eric Von Hippel of MIT describes this as Democratizing Innovation.

The emerging model could not be more appropriate for the offshore renewable energy (ORE) industry. It is very difficult to find private funding or get large engineering firms to commit. The field of ORE is incredibly new and diverse and the analysis of each aspect requires intense specialization and expertise. The only way we’re going to get this to work is by working together!

This is what INORE and OpenORE are all about!

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