4 thoughts on “New Logo!

  1. Nice logo 🙂 Keep both varients available, according to the background colour of the place that they are used. I’d actually favour a transparent background, so that we don’t have it “in a box” – although care would be needed when used against blue or grey.

    1. Thanks Simon! Yea, we’ll definitely have a clear background version as well. We also may play with the color scheme a bit depending on the design of the final website. I tried to put it on the header picture of the waves above, and you couldn’t see it very well. But I think it really ‘pops’ against the black background.

  2. Great logo either way. Black looks better (more contrast), but white is better on this website as the background is the same colour. Could the one with the white background use darker colours in the text to increase the contrast?

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