Right on Mr. Barker

The following is from a speech made by UK Minister for Climate Change, Greg Barker, at the EU Ocean Energy Association conference in Edinburgh (emphasis ours):

“But before I go further, let me stress the 3 key points I want to talk to you today:

Firstly, I want to re-affirm the UK Government’s genuine, long-term commitment to ocean energy. As a direct result of this commitment and of the extensive support framework we have put in place, great advances have been made in developing the sector, here in the UK.

Secondly, we must not forget that Europe is in a global race for the development of ocean energy. As with all such races, others will challenge our leadership. But winning this race will bring global rewards and open world-wide future opportunities to the sector.

Thirdly, but perhaps most importantly, staying in the race and winning it will require strong partnerships. Collaboration is absolutely essential in getting the sector to move forward to the next stage of its development. Collaboration between Governments. Collaboration across Europe. But mostly, collaboration across the industry.

We couldn’t agree more…

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