Open-access Journals

The number of open-access journals and publications is growing rapidly. These publications can be viewed and assessed by a wider audience, allowing for a broader and more rapid spread of the research. Open-access publishing operates in the same manner as a traditional journal,  except that the cost of publishing is covered by the author or a funding body. Once a publication is accepted, it becomes available for free online. A lot of offshore renewable energy research is undertaken by small companies with limited budgets, and just like in the case of open-source software, having free resources can have a huge impact.

Even major scientific journals, e.g. Elsevier or Springer, give options for publishing open-access. Additionally, there are several fully open-access journals or databases. Here is a list of some open-access journals in engineering and technology that may be of interest for ORE researchers.

In addition, one can find the following topics in  the Directory of Open Access Journals:

Subjects Technology and Engineering Chemical Technology (33 journals)

  • Computer Science (320 journals)
  • Construction (15 journals)
  • Electrical and Nuclear Engineering (62 journals)
  • Environmental Engineering (9 journals)
  • Environmental Technology (10 journals)
  • General and Civil Engineering (150 journals)
  • Hydraulic Engineering (4 journals)
  • Industrial Engineering (18 journals)
  • Manufactures (11 journals)
  • Materials (39 journals)
  • Mechanical Engineering (40 journals)
  • Military Science (10 journals)
  • Mining and Metallurgy (13 journals)
  • Technology (General) (92 journals)
  • Transportation (30 journals)

Hope this can help your research. Please do not hesitate to comment or contact me with thoughts or suggestions at gianmariagiannini[at]hotmail[dot]com

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