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General information about the OpenORE project

International collaboration, increased impact

It turns out that when scientists collaborate internationally, they are more like to have an impact on science than purely domestic collaborations.

Check out this really interesting story from NPR on international reseach collaboration:

Innovation in Offshore Renewable Energy: International Collaboration and INORE

“The International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE) serves as a hub for international and multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers at early stages of their careers. INORE facilitates collaboration through a variety of activities, events, and programs as well as via its online presence. By instilling a positive attitude towards and experience with collaboration in the next generation of ORE professionals, INORE is advancing innovative research and is building a foundation for successful innovation in the ORE sector for years to come.”

At ICOE 2014, INORE was invited to host a plenary session. Check out one of the great papers that was presented at that session:

Innovation in Offshore Renewable Energy: International Collaboration and INORE

The paper was written collaboratively by five researchers from five different countries!