Open Source Offshore

Niche drawing

OpenORE fills a significant gap in the ORE data sharing market – research data for researchers.

There are several other data exchange platforms and projects out there. All are very useful and each has its own niche.

  • – OpenEI is a U.S Department of Energy website for sharing data related to energy projects across a wide range of technologies. Users are able to upload and download independently. However, because it covers such a breadth of energy projects, there is very little on ORE and the database is not tailored to the needs or ORE users.
  • Open Sea Operating Experience – -OPERA is a European wave energy project which aims to collect long-term open-sea operating data from offshore and shore installed devices, delivery results for reducing structural costs and greatly increase power production, reduce technology-related uncertainties and advance standards for reducing business risk.
  • Wave and Tidal Knowledge – Data exchange site for wave and tidal technologies run by the UK ORE Catapult. Content is industry focused and consists mostly of environmental data sets, surveys, and reports.
  • NNMREC Open Data – – The US Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center hosts freely available data sets from experiments conducted by national laboratories.
  • Marine Data Exchange – – Run by the UK Crown Estate, the Marine Data Exchange hosts surveys and reports for industrial ORE projects, mostly wind.
  • Tethys – – Tethys is a database of the environmental effects of ORE run by the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • SOWFIA – – An outcome of the SOWFIA project was the SOWFIA Data Management Platform which aims to share European data on environmental and socio-economic effects of marine energy.
  • MEDIN – – The Marine Environment and Data Information Network host a breadth of information on the marine environment.

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