INORE is a non-profit educational organization. It is funded through the generous support of many sponsors in academia, industry and government. Likewise the OpenORE project will also need the support of sponsors. If you think that your organization would benefit from OpenORE, consider donating to help fund this project.

However, we won’t stop there. In the Spring of 2014, INORE raised over $6,000 through Clean Reach, a crowdfunding platform for ocean energy, to pay for the development of upgrades to its www.inore.org site (These are currently underway). We are planning another crowdfunding campaign for the OpenORE site to start in early 2015.

Other forms of help are also very appreciated. In particular, legal advice would be very helpful.

If you would like to give to support the development of OpenORE, please e-mail INORE’s OpenORE Manager – Cameron McNatt (cam email). Thank you very much for your consideration.

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